Advanced Applications with MongoDB

Modern users live within an interconnected, mobile, always-on environment. Users demand applications designed around mobility and availability, freeing them to buy anything, from anywhere, from any device. Life experiences are recorded and shared instantly with friends around the globe. How do we power these systems and apps?

This talk is about how we help build applications tailored for modern age infrastructure. That benefit from all the advantages of having scalable, agile, flexible environments. That experiences become “catastrophical successes” and where business live or die by their ability to innovate faster and iterate quickier than their competitors.

We will be talking about the benefits of modern age database like MongoDB. The key benefits of this technology and where it excels. We will also discuss use cases where MongoDB might not be such a good choice and what else we have in today’s IT landscape to address these use case.

About Norberto Leite

  • Category: Openexpoday2015-Keynote
  • Date: 16-06-2015